Seed Glossary

We often get e-mails from people who are starting out asking the meanings of some of the terms associated with cannabis seeds. We thought it would be helpful to give some information so that you can develop an understanding of some of the most common terms and phrases used by seed connoisseurs.

Feminized seeds:

Cannabis plants can be either male or female. Male cannabis plants produce pollen as they mature. When this pollen comes into contact with a mature female cannabis plant, she will begin the process of forming seeds in order to continue the life cycle of the plant.

Through a process of selective breeding, cannabis seed breeders have developed a process that guarantees the sex of the cannabis seed. Feminized cannabis seeds are highly prized as it is the female cannabis plants that develop buds as the plant matures; this is why seed collectors covet feminized seeds above their male counterparts.

As a result we have a dedicated “feminized seeds” section on the GroKing website, dedicated to selling purely feminized seeds.

Autoflowering seeds:

Traditionally the two major species of cannabis plants (sativa and indica) pass through the life cycle due to the changes in climatic conditions that are associated with the passing of the seasons. One of the major indicators to cannabis plants that it is time to reproduce is a shortening of the photo-period (i.e. the hours of daylight) as summer begins to fade into autumn.

Seed breeders have become increasingly successful at cross-breeding indica and sativa seeds with another sub-species of cannabis plant known as ruderalis. Rueralis cannabis plants do not require a change in daylight hours as a reproductive indicator and mature automatically regardless of the amount of daylight. Autoflowering seeds share this trait due to the ruderalis genetics maintained in the seed due to the cross breeding.

Theoretically an autoflowering cannabis plant could mature very quickly under a non-stop photo-period.

The unique traits of autoflowering seeds are highly sought after by some and that’s why we have a section of the GroKing site dedicated to selling autflowering seeds.