Top OG Kush Seeds


OG Kush seeds for sale

OG Kush seeds have become World renowned since the early 90’s when OG Kush was originally stabilised in the San Fernando valley, California. These seeds arguably represent the West Coasts biggest contribution to cannabis genetics to date, which is not too surprising as this high quality, unique Kush strain delivers something truly special to cannabis aficionados. As you’d expect from the Kush in OG Kush, the plant is indica dominant and delivers that powerful indica high that is ideal for pain relief, stress relief and muscle relaxation. Again thanks to the Kush genetics, OG delivers a short bushy plant making it a great choice for indoors as well as outside in the beautiful Californian sun.

Although the exact heritage of OG Kush is known by only a select few, consensus has it that it is the product of a high quality Kush strain and the legendary Chemdog. Anyone who tries OG seeds for themselves will be delighted by the pungent, THC laden, lime green buds dripping from the plant. They are not for the faint of heart! This Californian superstar delivers a serious kick and the high has been described as both euphoric/mental and physical. What is for certain is that this strain hits fast and hits hard.

OG Kush has become a legendary cannabis strain far beyond its Californian origins, we put together this list of the top OG Kush seeds for sale right here on GroKing Seeds as an homage to this cannabis classic.