Lemon Haze (often called Super Lemon Haze) is well known among cannabis connoisseurs, it is particularly sought after for its intense lemony flavour and the depth and quality of the stone.

Due to its haze parentage, Lemon Haze shows a Sativa dominance but has enough of a Indica influence to make things really interesting. A relatively long flowering period (usually within 9-10 weeks) is rewarded with the quality of the finished article. We recommend a relatively short vegetative stage when growing Lemon Haze as she does tend to grow quite tall and is especially vigorous during the flowering cycle.

Ideally you will have experience with cannabis seeds before embarking on a Lemon Haze adventure as she can be slightly more temperamental. If you fancy advancing you skills and sampling some of the very best cannabis seeds you can buy you should definitely have a think about trying some Lemon Haze.

Due to the popularity of the strain and the recognition that the Lemon Haze name gets you have a few options when it comes to seed breeders and Lemon Haze. Greenhouse Seeds were one of the first and probably do our best selling version of Lemon Haze seeds. You can find this Cannabis Cup winner here, be careful though with a THC of 22% it’s what we call “connoisseur grade” here at GroKing:

super lemon haze GHS


If you inclined towards autoflowering seeds, Auto Seeds do a great version called Ultra Lemon Haze, again it’s a relatively longer growing period for an autoflowering strain but the quality is outstanding:

ultra lemon haze


In short give Lemon Haze a shot if you want to experience cannabis seeds that will give you something a little bit special.