Heavyweight Seeds


OK so we’re pleased to get the Heavyweight Seeds range in stock and available to everyone at Groking. Spain is giving Holland a run for its money when it comes to its number of quality cannabis seed breeders, and Heavyweight Seeds is one such breeder at the forefront of the cannabis culture revolution that’s been going on in Spain in recent years.


Heavyweight Seeds quickly gained a reputation for producing seeds with two of holy grails in cannabis seed breeding; quantity and quality. You can sleep at night knowing that your Heavyweight Seeds have great production and delivery a knock-out punch.


The strain that originally brought Heavyweight Seeds to the attention of many cannabis seeds collectors was their rightly famous autoflowering Fast and Vast. Fast and Vast can be finished in a mind boggling 8 weeks from germination given optimum conditions! You won’t be disappointed in the end result either; Heavyweight Seeds used all their knowledge and skill on this one and possibly a little magic dust too. Fast and vast has an Afghani dominance meaning you can rest assured when it comes to yield and the quality of that indica high.


Over subsequent years Heavyweight Seeds have built on the success of Fast and Vast and have built up a fantastic range of feminised and autoflowering cannabis seeds. There’s something in there for everyone but you can always rely on Heavyweight Seeds to deliver a big hit!


Check out the Heavyweight Seeds range on Groking today.