Every once in a while something comes into the GroKing Seeds office that's a little bit special. A strain that worth shouting about and beating the drum for - Gorilla Bomb by Bomb Seeds is one such strain. We were delighted to get our hands on Gorilla Bomb seeds here at GroKing Seeds as it's shaping up to be an instant classic.


The guys over at Bomb Seeds have crossed a rather tasty Gorilla Glue #4 pheno clone with their talisman strain and a frequent member of the "best sellers" club at GroKing Seeds, THC Bomb. The results, as you would expect are pretty damn epic. The sticky intensity of Gorilla Glue has if anything been increased along with the overall yield thanks to those THC Bomb genetics.


Gorilla Bomb seeds have the genetics for one of the biggest hits out there - that rushing, sativa-esque Gorilla Glue high followed by deep relaxation will certainly leave you stuck to your couch at the end.


Perhaps best of all, Bomb Seeds have priced Gorilla Bomb at the competitive end of the market at least until word gets out about this monster cannabis seed. Buy your Gorilla Bomb seeds at the best prices you'll fond on line right here at GroKing Seeds!