OK so it probably comes as no surprise that choosing the right cannabis seeds is pretty important and is something that requires a bit of time and research to get right. That said, at Groking we’re great believers in trial and error too.

Many people choose to go with feminized cannabis seeds. The main reason being that feminized seeds have a predisposition to produce female marijuana genetics.

When it comes to buying feminized cannabis seeds in the UK you have several options. Cannabis seeds are 100% legal to purchase (for souvenir and storage purposes) in the UK. Unfortunately the germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK and as a result Groking can’t answer any questions in relation to the germination of seeds or the growing of marijuana.

Buying feminized cannabis seeds online is fairly straight forward. Groking are not the only cannabis seeds supplier in the UK although we like to think we offer some of the best service out there. Being a little bit smaller than some allows us to dedicate more time to ensuring each of our cannabis seeds customers is happy.

Although Groking is online only, you can purchase feminized cannabis seeds from specialist retail outlets in the UK. This may suit some buyers, although it is likely that you won’t find such a large range of feminized cannabis seeds.

If you have any  questions about buying feminized seeds in the UK or what are the best feminized seeds for you, Groking is always happy to help. What’s good for you is good for us!