Feminised or Regular?

Ghandi said that “the power to question is the basis of all human progress”. At GROKING we get a lot of questions asking if people should buy feminised or regular cannabis seeds, so we thought we’d put some info down on page to try and answer this, and do our bit for progress. J

What are your goals?

Is possibly the most important question you can ask yourself before setting out and buying cannabis seeds. Once you have an answer to this question you pretty much know whether you should be buying feminised cannabis seeds or regular seeds. Some things to think about: Is space at a premium? Can you easily identify the sex of a cannabis plant? Do you want a mother plant? Are you going to breed (you will need males)? Is it only sensimilla you are interested in?

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds, like the majority of flora and fauna, are either male or female. Mature male cannabis plants produce the pollen that pollinates mature female cannabis plants, allowing her to produce seeds and ensuring the continuation of the life cycle of cannabis.

The seeds resulting from pollination of a mature female cannabis plant will show characteristics of both parents. By careful selective breeding, cannabis seed genetics have been improved greatly over the past few decades giving people the vast choice of cannabis seeds that we have available today.

If you want to try your hand at breeding your own strain at some point or you want to avoid the cost of buying seeds in the future, then you will need male and female cannabis plants and regular seeds are the choice for you.

We also advise people who are buying cannabis seeds with the intention of using them for mother plants to purchase regular cannabis seeds.

Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Female cannabis plants are highly prized as they produce the THC and CBD rich sensimilla flowers if they remain unpollinated. Producing a reliable crop of sesnsimilla is what was in mind when the first feminised seeds were produced.

Experienced cannabis seeds breeders realised that by putting a mature female cannabis plant under environmental stress, she would produce male organs that produced pollen. When this pollen was in turn used to fertilise another female, it was found that the resulting seeds lacked male chromosomes. Seeds gathered by this method of reproduction grew into adult cannabis plants that produce female flowers (buds) and female sex organs. This method has been refined and improved/added to over the years and many seed breeders keep their own recipe for producing reliable feminised seeds closely guarded.

It is worth noting that feminised seeds don’t produce purely female plants although they do all show female plant (producing sensimilla) characteristics.

Your choice

Hopefully this will have helped you at least narrow down what your goals are when buying cannabis seeds from GROKING. With these goals in mind you can make the best decision when it comes to feminised seeds or regular marijuana seeds.