One of the strongest autoflowering specialists hailing from the US is the highly regarded Fastbuds

They are one of the most popular autoflowering breeders here on Fastbuds have garnered a reputation at home in the US and Worldwide for producing some of the finest autoflowering cannabis seeds out there. is delighted to be offering out customers two new additions to the Fastbuds catalouge - Blue Dream'matic and the highly medicinal CBD Crack.

Blue Dream'matic is a high thc strain cannabis seed that builds on it's blue dream heritage. Mostly sativa (75%) in nature this autoflowering cannabis strain has the potential to finish in 9 weeks, although it can go to 11 weeks.

CBD Crack is a medicinal variety with a high CBD content relative to THC. It's ideally suited to those suffering from many of the ailments that medicinal cannabis can aid. has both in stock and ready to ship today, so check out Blue Dream'matic, CBD Crack and the rest of the Fastbuds range here!