OK so GroKing Seeds are happy to announce the arrival of six new cannabis seeds varieties to our ever expanding catalogue. This time we've got six of the best hot off the press from one of the oldest and most prolific breeders out there - Dutch Passion.

First up is the newest addition to their feminised seeds line. It's called Glueberry OG, so there's no prizes for guessing where the genetics come from! Three "game changer" strains make up the gene pool of this beauty, Gorilla Glue, Blueberry and OG Kush. What doesn't sound good about that?! It's a big yeilding hybrid packed with some of the best cannabis genetics the USA has to offer.

Dutch Passion have been at the forefront of autoflowering seeds development and that looks set to continue with the addition of a further five autoflowering strains to the Dutch Passion catalouge. Auto Glueberry OG, Auto Duck, an autoflowering version of the funky and every popular Frisian Duck, Autco Cinderella Jack and two CBD rich autos, CBD Compassion Lime and CBD White Widow.

You can find out more about these new autos on our Dutch Passion Autoflowering page. Have a look, educate yourselves and if you see any you like we've got them all right here at GroKing Seeds.