Devil’s Harvest


Devil’s Harvest Seeds are now available at GROKING! This is a breeder that has been on the up and up for a while now and we’re delighted to be able to offer the Devil’s Harvest Seeds range to all our customers at GROKING.

Based out of the eternal stoners paradise of Amsterdam, the founders of Devil’s Harvest had years of commercial breeding experience before striking out on their own, we're glad that they did. Devil’s Harvest has quickly gained a reputation for having some of the most potent cannabis seeds available on the market, that's a good enough reaason alone for us to get them in!

Using some really strong old-school genetics as a base and mixing them up with some of the new kids on the block, Devil’s Harvest have come up with some quite astounding cannabis seeds. It’s hard to pick a flagship strain, but Rolex OG Kush and Strawberry Sour Diesel are two absolute beauts. The Rolex OG Kush is a powerful hybrid with a short flowering time and big yield, it delivers a truly knock-out punch so don’t say we didn’t warn you! Rolex OG certainly caught the eye of the judges at the High Life Cup and took a well-deserved winner’s trophy, high praise indeed.

There are plenty of cup winners (think Spannabis, High Times and High Life) among the Devil’s Harvest catalogue and their cannabis seeds come in feminised seeds and regular cannabis seed packs.

Check out the Devil’s Harvest cannabis seeds on GROKING now!