We are currently accepeting card payments for cannabis seeds - that's the good news.

As a cannabis seeds retailer it is a near constant battle to be able to offer customers the option of paying for their orders via card. Banks, and card processors almost in their entirety refuse to work with our indsutry. Somewhat surprisingly given postive moves in the direction of legalisation in many countries, recently this has become harder still.

The quandry is that the sale and purchase of cannabis seeds in the UK is 100% legal, it is in the cultivation of cannabis that the law is broken. Here at Groking Seeds we retail seeds to our customers soley for preservation and/or collection, and as a result are working well within our legal framework. For our domestic banking industry to take a moral stance on what we do is no short of laughable. 

We battle on to be able to offer our customers the option to pay by card, which in 2017 is certainly a necessity for any online business.

Our current processor can often only process transactions that are individually verified by telephone, so if you do place an order with us and pay by card, please be sure to include a working phone number and have it to hand to verify the amount and your details. It's not always required, but is more often than not. We know this is a total pain but until things change we have to work with what we've got...

For those who have stuck by us through the ups and downs and have paid by alternative means when necessary, we are forver grateful, you keep us above water when the times are rough.