OK so we're always adding great new cannabis seed breeders to the list here at Groking and September is no differnt. We're delighted to have the full Spliff Seeds and CBD Seeds range in stock and ready to ship today!

Spliff Seeds hail from that original marijuana mecca of Holland and have been breeding high quality cannabis genetics for over 20 years. That's a lot of experience and means that all that knowledge and experience is expressed in Spliff Seeds genetics. Spliff Seeds offer a full range of cannabis seeds in feminsied, autoflowering and regular varieties, with an empasis on potency and yeild built into their genetics.

Spliff Seeds has some great outdoor strains, a particularly popular one being, Gold Rush. Gold Rush is ideally suited to Northern Hemispheres summers as it's such a quick finisher. It's not called Gold Rush for nothing!

We also have Spainish firm, CBD Crew's full range in now stock, right here at Groking. CBD has been a growth market in the cannabis industry in recent years and CBD Crew were ahead of the curve when it came to specialising in producing high CBD content cannabis genetics. A joint venture between two of the most renouned breeders, Mr. Nice and Resin Seeds led to the birth of CBD Crew. These guys really know what they're doing when it comes to producing high quality cannabis genetics, you know what they say, "two heads is better than one"!

From high CBD versions of the most popular strains out there right now, like CBD OG Kush to enhanced CBD versions of some of their own classics like CBD Therapy (derived from the Mr. Nice's famous Therapy strain), CBD Crew are at the forefront of this CBD revolution.


You don't need to go to Holland or Spain to get your hands on some Spliff Seeds or some CBD Crew strains, they're both right here @ Groking!