OK, so it’s no secret that at GroKing we love Bitcoin and to celebrate this, we’re giving 25% off all cannabis seeds in our store for customers who pay with Bitcoin.

GroKing was one of the first online seedbanks to accept payment for cannabis seeds using Bitcoin. There are a number of benefits of paying for seeds using Bitcoin that we think suit many of our customers’ needs. We realise that it is still a relatively new way to pay for things so have written this post to try and outline some of the benefits as well as give you some options when it comes to buying bitcoin so you can take advantage of our great offer!

So what is Bitcoin?


In short, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is created and held electronically. It operates wholly independently of any national governments or central banks, which create traditional currency by controlling the supply and printing of money and banknotes.

How do I buy and use Bitcoin?


As Bitcoin has become increasingly mainstream in recent years it is no surprise that it has become more easy to buy and use than ever before. You can buy Bitcoin using your credit card or a  bank transfer in the US and the UK from Coinbase:


Your Bitcoin are then stored in a wallet from which you can purchase cannabis seeds or anything else or even transfer your Bitcoin onto another wallet.

If you want to add an extra layer of anonymity, you can buy Bitcoins with cash or a money order from Local Bitcoins:


Again the Bitcoin will be stored in your localbitcoins wallet from which you can pay your cannabis seeds.

25% Discount at GroKing


When you pay for your order using Bitcoin as the payment method at checkout, a 25% discount will be added to all the cannabis seeds in your cart. We hope that this encourages more people to pay for their cannabis seeds with Bitcoin!