Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflower cannabis seeds represent the cutting edge in modern day cannabis breeding. They begin the flowering process after a set period of time, regardless of the number of hours of light or the intensity of light they receive. Autoflower seeds, if germinated will finish their life cycle in around 10 weeks!

Where do these seeds come from?

Traditionally cannabis seed breeders used genetics from the two main sub species of cannabis plant, cannabis sativa or cannabis indica to produce their seeds. Indica and sativa cannabis plants originate from warm and tropical latitudes of our planet. Overlooked for a long time was cannabis ruderalis which originates from the temperate, colder climate regions of Eurasia. The colder climate means that these cannabis plants do not have time to mature in line with a slow shortening of the hours of light in the day as summer turns to autumn. Ruderalis plants have to reproduce quickly before a cold winter sets in and so has adapted to start the flowering process automatically.

Although buds from female cannabis ruderalis plants are not usually psychoactive, by cross pollination and cross breeding with indica and sativa strains, cannabis breeders have been able to produce seeds with the advantages associated with automatic flowering and retain the quality of buds produced by indica and sativa genetics.

What are the advantages of auto seeds?

The primary benefit of autoflower seeds is in the speed at which a mature cannabis plant can be grown from germination. As nearly all of these seeds are feminized, they also remove the worry that any male plants might pollinate the females.

As auto seeds do not mature with a changing season, it also means that they can be grown successfully outside in latitudes with a shorter summer season (e.g. northern Europe). Those in tropics and the warmer climes of Europe (think Spain) can easily fit a couple of full grow cycles in a season with autoflowering seeds where traditionally there would only be one.

The ruderalis genetics present in automatic seeds also mean that plants grown from them retain some of the “dwarf” genes present in cannabis ruderalis. The low profile makes auto seeds ideal for those who covet a short plant for refined spaces or discreet places outdoors.

Due to the impact and subsequent popularity that autoflowering cannabis seeds had on the market, nearly all the major seed breeders have invested heavily into producing a range of auto seeds with high quality genetics of their own. From the old school pioneers like Nirvana and World of Seeds to newer breeders who are pushing auto seeds forward, think Dinafem and Sweet Seeds, GROKING retails the world’s best.